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Windmill Super Pump Pty Ltd
23 Deloraine Road

Phone: 08 8276 8748TGSI TGSI TGSI ROU ADPMI
Fax: 08 8374 0127

Jim Stanbury heads the team and will provide sales and production information to assist you whenever needed. Contact on 0419 282 123 or 08 8276 8748

Jeremy Limbert is the production controller and quality testing manager. He is always available to assist with any queries you may have. Contact on 08 8276 8748

Jarone James is the factory production manager ensuring that all pumps are of the highest quality and able to design specific models for customers requirements. Contact on 08 8276 8748

Windmill Super Pump technical consultant is always available to provide information on existing products or special requirements such as new or innovative products that you or your customers may require. Contact on 0404 198 976 or 08 8276 8748

Kim Jungfer and Susan Stanbury are in charge of stock availability to ensure that the product you may need is available when you want/need it. Contact on 08 8276 8748