Company Profile
  • Dedicated to maintenance free bore hole pumps and high pressure gear pumps TGSI TGSI TGSI ADPMI ROU
  • Reliable economical pumping systems for farms and industries
  • All fittings used are marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • Efficient moving of liquids
  • Dedicated to maintenance free pumping
Our Windmill Super Pump range consists of two exciting new pumping product ranges which are machined and assembled in our factory in South Australia. As we have our own manufacturing facilities we are able to modify or provide special products to suit specific requirements.

Windmill Super Pump will change the attitude to windmill pumping. Our range has been tested in the field for the last 15 years. The innovative design almost eliminates the maintenance required with windmill pumping. The special pump cups used in this pump are guaranteed for 10 years. This coupled with the use of PVC column and all metal parts, including the rod column being 316 stainless steel, makes the super pump corrosion free. The long guarantee is possible because of insignificant wear on the pump cups and the PVC column. The super pump can pump sandy water without damage to the pump cups or the column. The super pump will run dry without damage and is probably the only windmill pump to do so. It will also successfully operate in misaligned bore holes.

We have manufactured and tested a new high pressure, high flow, gear pump for water pumping, designed to supply large volumes of water at a pressure high enough to spray water over a large area of fire in a manner that is adequate to effectively restrict the fire.

These pumps are suited to all aspects of pressure irrigation. The advantage is that the volume output will always be the same; independent of the pressure required, and allows for pumping at various head pressures, keeping the spray volume constant. The pump is self-priming and can deliver pressures of up to 300PSI. The range of pumps we manufacture provide full flow from 20lts per minute to 6,000lts per minute. Larger pumps can be supplied on request and worn pumps can be repaired by simple cost effective on site maintenance. The pumps are cost effective and have been designed to overcome the high cost and high repair of Helical Rotor pumps, also to overcome the high cost of multi stage centrifugal pumps.